Day 29 – Pre-holiday meltdown

17 Nov

Weight: 87.0

So I’ve been MIA lately, there has been so much to do to get ready for my holiday on saturday and I have just been too flat out for anything else.

I haven’t stuck to the Dukan so much lately, but still am doing OK. I think I’ll just tackle this again when I get back from my holiday…


Day 25 – Calorie Counting

13 Nov

Weight: 86.4
Loss:      0.3 (4.8 kilos total)

Another small loss today but trending downwards is always a good thing. Am surprised that things have slowed so significantly this week, normally I lose a fair amount on the Dukan days, but this week they have only been small losses. Am losing fat % and cms as well though, so that is good.

Had my aunty and uncles combined 50th and 60th birthday party tonight, finally got an excuse to wear my rock n roll dress (it was a 50s/60s style party!) and had a ball. The food was all terrible fried food…

Breakfast: Yoghurt

Lunch:       Beef and Bean Nachos (they are seriously delicious)

Dinner:      Salt & Pepper squid, sausage rolls, pies etc

Snack:        Mini Babybel, Skim Mocha.

Water:        Enough

Exercise:   None, party started at 6:30 and work ended at 5 L

Day 24 – Dukan

11 Nov

Weight: 86.7
Loss: 0.2 (4.5 kilos total)

Another 200g off the total today and not long to go until Monday, not sure whether it is achievable by then but it is definitely achievable by the time I leave for Europe, which is 10 days now. It doesn’t help that I now have a bag of mini reese’s peanut butter cups in the fridge (they are my favourite!), but I will make sure I don’t over indulge in them…

I made some Dukan Bread last night, and had half of it for breakfast as toast (with vegemite, which I’m sure isn’t really allowed because it is too much salt but I’m Australian, it’s my love), and it was a bit of a struggle to eat it, it wasn’t the tastiest thing I’ve ever had. I might try slicing the other half in half again (i.e. making it a bit thinner) and toasting it tonight, see how that turns out… I really would love to be able to have “bread” again, and I really struggle with the oat bran. The porridge is yuck, oat bran ruins my yoghurt, the galette is ordinary, and now the bread is not that tasty. I’m a big carb lover, and oat bran really just doesn’t do the trick in replacement. Every time I eat it, it makes me think “Life is too short to eat bad food”

Breakfast:   Yoghurt, Dukan Toast with Vegemite

Lunch:        Quarter BBQ Chicken from Woolworths (I didn’t even realize you could do that!!)

Dinner:       2 BBQ sausages at mum’s

Snack:        Green tea, Mini Babybel, Skim Mocha, Reese’s cup

Water:       Heaps because the air conditioning was playing up in the office and it was HOT!

Exercise: 60 minute walk

Day 23 – Dukan

10 Nov

Weight: 86.9
Loss: 0.3 (4.3 kilos total)

A small loss this morning, and I wasn’t expecting even that much because I ate some naughty things yesterday and I completely forgot about dinner so I didn’t eat enough food for my body to not go into starvation mode.

Went out for lunch again today because it is just over a week before I head off overseas and so I am catching up with everyone before I go, had Vietnamese again today but went with the Tom Yum soup today, so no noodles.

I don’t think I ended up eating enough again today because the soup was only small and the dinner was only left overs from Monday which really wasn’t a lot… The problem is that I don’t really get hungry though when I’m eating only protein so I tend to forget to eat. Not sure what I can do about that. I might need to try and eat more at breakfast, but I’m not a big breakfast eater, and without toast it really doesn’t cut it.

Breakfast: Yoghurt

Lunch:       King Prawn Tom Yum Soup

Dinner:      Left over chicken quesadilla filling

Snacks:      Green tea, skim mocha, mini babybel, mini Reese’s peanut butter cup

Water:       Enough

Exercise:  40 minute walk

Day 23 – Dukan

10 Nov

Weight: 87.2
Loss:     +0.1 (4 kilos total)

Well, I hope this is just a hiccup and not the start of my first plateau, this morning saw the scales go back up to 87.2, not sure why unless it was the mushrooms I ate at dinner and the fact that I didn’t do any exercise. Stupidly I realized this morning that I could have done the pilates, but it just didn’t occur to me yesterday… oh well.

I did have carbs today, I went out for Vietnamese for lunch, and had my favourite vermicelli salad, hopefully it won’t do too much damage tomorrow, but it was delicious and I enjoyed it no end 🙂 I’ve seen the saying “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” being mentioned on a few blogs lately, and I’ll tell you what, I reckon braised prawn vermicelli salad comes pretty close!!

Breakfast: Yoghurt

Lunch:       Braised Prawn Vermicelli Salad

Dinner:      None, just plain forgot due again to family things, doubt it will help me tomorrow…

Snacks:      Mini Babybel cheese, green tea, Double D sugarfree lolly, Skim mocha

Water:        2L

Exercise:   40 minute walk

Check In #3

9 Nov

Oops, forgot about this yesterday… have had a bit of familial drama and it slipped my mind… so as of yesterday

Weight:      87.1 kilos – Down 2.3 kilos from last week

BMI:            30.9 – Down 0.8

Body Fat: 42.1% –Up 0.3%

Water:       42.2% – Down 0.2%


Day 22 – Dukan

8 Nov

Weight: 87.1
Loss: 0.1 (4.1 kilos total)

Well, this was certainly a surprise, to have lost 100g this morning after a calorie day, but I’m not going to knock it! Back to work and back on the Dukan this morning, work I wasn’t so happy about because I’m counting down to my holiday, less than 2 weeks now, but I was looking forward to being back on the Dukan, strange hey…

Only 6 days now to lost 0.9 and get to my goal of 5 kilos by the 15th of November, and it looks like I’m going to get there! Will need to make sure I don’t blow it on the weekend but I think that’s manageable.

No exercise today because it as storming, they threatened hail, so I stayed in.

I’ve also decided to see what can be done with the galette other than just having it as a plain pancake because I find it really hard to eat by itself. Since I love Mexican, today I decided maybe I can make quesadillas with it. Turns out I’m really bad at making galettes and they just fell apart, but I still tried to make them, just found it hard to eat them. Might give them another go tomorrow and see if I can grill the galette instead of fry…

Breakfast: Yoghurt

Lunch:       Sashimi

Dinner:      Dukan Quesadillas, filled with mushrooms and chicken mince

Snacks:      Mini Babybel cheese, Double D sugar free chew

Water:         2L

Exercise:    None